Popular nursing pillows available at BooBoutique

Searching for the best nursing pillow? Do you need support for twin breastfeeding?

Supporting your posture and your baby correctly can reduce the risk of ongoing concerns that can impact your physical and mental ability to make the most out of your mothering experience. 

Don't put yourself at risk, choose the right feeding support pillow today!

Why nursing pillows?

  • 100% cotton cover is machine washable.
  • Great for establishing the correct feeding position for Mother and Baby 
  • Helps to prevent Mother's future back and/or shoulder problems by providing support during feeding
  • Comfortable feeding pillow for after cesarean section - Reduces strain on lower stomach area
  • Fantastic Baby Shower Gift! Mother-to-be will love you forever!

 Milkbar┬« by                                                                            

Milkbar Nursing Pillow - Single
On Sale RRP $69.95
Milkbar Nursing Pillow Spare Cover (Twin) Choc/Sand
On Sale 50% OFF RRP $54.95
Milkbar Nursing Pillow - Twin Sand/Sand
On Sale 50% OFF RRP $99.95