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Author: Emily   Date Posted: 1 August 2015  

World Breastfeeding Week 1 - 7 August 2015 Breastfeeding at Work. Let's Make it Work! Welcome to World Breastfeeding Week. Every year a topic is selected to promote and encourage breastfeeding mother's rights. This year, the selected topic is Breastfeeding at Work, Let's Make it Work! ...

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Date Posted: 19 June 2015  

Majority of mothers will express breastmilk at some stage during their breastfeeding experience before their baby reaches 6 months old. There are many reasons why mums might need or want to express. These may include:- You have an over-supply of breastmilk ...

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Date Posted: 1 May 2015  

If you were to ask a group of pregnant women, I am sure you will find that most would have a natural labour preference. In saying that, everyone has different pain thresholds and coping mechanisms and in reality, especially first time mums, you have no idea of what labour is really going to feel like. I think an open mind going into labour is crucial in remaining as calm as you can. You don't know what to expect, so why have an expectation. Have ideals and preferences but also have a backup plan. ...

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Date Posted: 1 March 2015  

Did you know that human breast milk has been shown to contain antibacterial and antiviral properties? It may be well known that breastfed babies tend to attract less viral diseases than non-breastfed babies due to various vitamins, minerals and other antibodies as natures ingredients, but did you also know that breast milk has other wonderful antiseptic advantages that can be used externally? ...

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Date Posted: 1 February 2015  

Just a little over 3 years ago we had our first born, Cooper, by caesarean section. When we found out he was breech and would probably have to have a caesar, I tried everything to try and get him to turn. Reiki, going on bumpy drives, all of the bending over exercises and positions I could find and having the doctors try and turn him. Eventually I resigned myself to the fact that the caesar was going to happen and accepted it as this was the best option for his safe ar...

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Date Posted: 1 January 2015  

This is how excited I feel right now! I have been busy working on some new and exciting products and am nearly ready to launch them. A few final details and website amendments to go then we should be ready. ...

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