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Date Posted:1 March 2015 

Did you know that human breast milk contains antibacterial and antiviral properties? Many benefits are found just from using breastmilk. Amazing natural therapy tips that are free and available on tap!

Did you know that human breast milk has been shown to contain antibacterial and antiviral properties?

It may be well known that breastfed babies tend to attract less viral diseases than non-breastfed babies due to various vitamins, minerals and other antibodies as natures ingredients, but did you also know that breast milk has other wonderful antiseptic advantages that can be used externally?

As a newborn, my son used to scratch himself with his little nails all the time, even though I tried to keep them trimmed well. When visiting my health nurse, she told me about these other breast milk benefits and suggested to squirt some milk on his cuts when they appeared to prevent them from infecting. To be honest, I was a little bit weirded out by the thought of just squirting my milk on my sons face but when I tested the theory, it actually worked. I was amazed by this awesome natural treatment that I started to use it all the time, even on myself! 

So anyway, here are a few uses that I found worked for me:-

Eye Infections/Conjuctivitis: Babies can't help but wipe their own booggies (that's what my son calls it) all over their face. If there is some bacteria in their nasal secretions, this can be transferred into the babies eyes, sometimes resulting in eye infections or conjuntivitis. Just squirt some milk onto a clean cotton ball and gently wipe across babies eyes (don't double wipe, otherwise you end up wiping the bacteria back onto the eye). 

Blocked Tear Ducts: Simply use a (clean) finger to spread some expressed breast milk over baby's eye. 

Cuts/Scratches: Can be used to reduce healing time and soothe 

Bites/Stings: Can be used to promote healing and reduce itching

Sore Nipples: Massage breast milk on and around sore, cracked nipples 

Cold/Flu: When your baby is unwell, breastmilk is great to just keep them hydrated, be gentle on their tummy, and provide extra antibodies. When my little ones were unwell with low energy, they tended not to feed properly, so I tried to feed more often to keep them hydrated. 

I note that although these suggestions worked for me, they may not neccessarily work for everyone. There are many more public noted uses, however I haven't tried them so I can't rate them. Feel free to try them out though, breastmilk won't hurt! These include: ear infections (a few drops in the ear canal), yeast infections, nappy rash, baby acne, eczema, skin allergies, cradle cap, sunburn and congestion (a few drops up the nostrils).

What breastmilk is NOT good for:

Birth Control: This is a massive old wives tale! Using breastfeeding alone as protection will not neccessarily work. I fell pregnant with my daughter when my breastfeeding son was only 5.5 months old. I didn't follow this myth, we just didn't do "it" much but I guess I got lucky. I cried when I found out, but I wouldn't change it for the world. So, unless you want to have another little on the way, I suggest you use alternative, proven birth control! 

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7 April 2017
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Like the other poste

30 June 2015
Like the other poster said, pump pump pump, as much as you can with an elcirtec pump.I had a low supply and this did it for me. If you try now it may not be too late. I had to keep pumping until around 4months, when finally my milk supply adjusted and I got to where I needed to be to exclusively breast-feed my baby.If you are comfortable with it and can do it responsibly, you could ty co-sleeping with the baby as the night-time feeds stimulate milk production more than any other time of the day. Prolactin is higher in the early hours. You could try breast-feeding lying down, that's what we did anyway and baby and you both go back to sleep with baby attached. Breast=feeding releases a hormone that makes you feel sleepy so that you go back to sleep when baby wakes for a feed, but it also releases a hormone that stops you entering the 4th stage of sleep, the very deepest sleep, to stop you from rolling onto your baby.Anyway, I digress, good luck with it, hope you get it back Was this answer helpful?

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