Buy Milkbar nursing pillows online here!

The Milkbar feeding pillow is so much more than just a nursing pillow... 

Milkbar can also be used as a pregnancy pillow for excellent sleeping support. It's compact and portable design has a carry handle and is super easy to wash. And if you are worried about being without it while it's in the wash, don't be; extra Milkbar pillow covers are available so you will never be without it.

New mums can find breastfeeding for the first time tricky, painful or difficult, and concentrate mainly on the feeding itself, and like myself, be oblivious to what other issues may come from not having the right support. Using the Milkbar pillow can give feeding mums the support needed to comfortably concentrate on the breastfeeding. 

The stylish, 100% cotton covers come in a range of modern colours to suit any nursery decor. Milkbar nursing pillows are award winning and RISA (Reflux Infant Support Association) endorsed. Designed higher at one end so the baby's head is at breast height when breastfeeding, Milkbar feeding pillows help to reduce reflux symptoms, back pain and shoulder strain while breastfeeding. Made with 100% new hypoallergenic polyfill for comfort.

Milkbar is also available for twin feeding with the Milkbar┬« Lifestyle Pillow (Twin) which provides greater pillow support around you and an adjustable strap to hold into place so you can be breast feed your twins more comfortably.

So, which colour will you choose?

NB. Never leave baby unattended near pillows. Milkbar is not to be used as a sleeping support for babies. Babies should always be held and supervised when using Milkbar.