Looking for the perfect baby carrier that is lightweight and doesn't cost the earth?


Have a summer fling with the Sukkiri Sling! With the weather heating up, this sling is a great companion for the beach or pool to keep your little ones close and safe.

They are also a fantasic baby bath alternative! No need to worry about slippery babies, slip on your sling for a safe shower solution.

The SUKKIRi Sling perfectly regulates the body temperature of baby because of it's innovative breathable fabric.
The perfect lightweight and compact baby carrier for your babywearing benefits.
Compact and light.
Easy and safe adjustment.
Can be worn in water.
Comfortable as the sling spreads evenly over you shoulder.
Soft mesh material releases heat from you and your baby effectively.
Maintains the ideal orthopedic position of baby spine and legs.
Recommended age/size 10 days to 3 years (3kg to 15kg) 
Tummy-to-Tummy position: 10 days – 24 months (3.5 – 13 kg)
Side Carrying position: 6 months – 36 months (7 – 15 kg).
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Benefits of babywearing:
  • Studies have shown that infants that are worn in a baby carrier from 6 weeks old cry 43% less than those that are not carried.
  • Allows you to do everyday tasks, or even exercise while keeping your baby content
  • Gives you better bonding time with your special little one
  • Promotes good digestion and lower stress and can reduce the existence of post-natal depression
  • Provides stimulation for greater intellectual and social development in babies
  • If carried correctly, supports healthy physical development
  • Reduces strain on your recovering body by distributing weight evenly 

(Above "benefits" information is obtained from Dr Sears at askdsears.com, Babywearinginternational.org, bellybelly.com.au and naturalchild.org)