FAQ - Mini Beans

Date Posted:21 June 2015 

Extras & Benefits of Mini Beanz

Can I purchase extra seat covers?

Mini Beanz offers you full flexibility on seating options from the luxury of soft velvet to spongy sandwich fabric. This allows you to interchange covers with our Newborn+ Collection Bean Bags.

Now you can:
- Change the look of the bag if a new baby comes along saving you money
- Extend the life of your Bean Bag when one gets over-used.
- Have another cover on hand when the other is being washed.

Are the seat covers waterproof?

All Mini Beanz Newborn covers come with a waterproof backing, so when your little ones have an accident your Base Bag remains dry at all times. 

What is the size of  Mini Beanz Bean Bag - Newborn+ Collection?

Once filled the Newborn Collection Bean Bags are L76 x W56 x H20 . Yes they larger than most standard baby bean bags! 

What extra features does the Mini Beanz Bean Bag include?

Mini Beanz Bean Bags come with an a large side pocket to keep things within an arms reach. Things like a bottle, soother, teething ring or soft toy can all easily fit. We all know how upset our little ones can get when we misplace their favourite items! Mini Beanz Bean Bags also have a useful carry handle to move your beloved Mini Beanz when and where you choose.


General Care & Usage

How do I fill my Mini Beanz Bean Bag?

Approx 80/90 liters is needed to fill the Newborn+ Collection. Place your inner bag (plain white bag) into a bath tub. Unzip the bag using the paper clip provided. Fill with approx 80-90 liters of polystyrene balls depending on how firm your child prefers. Close the zip, removing the paper clip from the zipper. This ensures your child will not be able to open the bag causing any harm to them. Unzip the designer base bag, again using the paper clip provided. Place the filled inner bag within the bag cover and close the zip removing the paper clip once finished. Attach either the newborn or toddler seat cover, adjusting the beans to your child's preference.

TIP 1: You may need to increase or decrease the amount of balls inside the bean bag depending on your child's needs and preference. Too many beans in the bag makes it too firm and not enough beans in the bag will make your baby slump into the bag. A slightly elevated position is most suitable.

TIP 2: If the Bean Bag becomes deflated in future, we recommend adding new beans to your bag.

TIP 3: Do not keep any unused portion of balls for future use as an unsealed bag of beans can be deadly if found by your child. Choking and suffocation hazard!

Where can I purchase polystyrene balls?

Mini Beanz Bean Bags are not supplied with filling. Polystyrene balls can be purchased from your local 
Big W, Target, Kmart and other home ware stores.

How do I wash Mini Beanz Seat Covers?

Mini Beanz Bean Bag covers come with zippers to quickly remove and replace when needed. All covers are 
waterproof and machine washable. We recommend washing your covers in a gentle wash with cold water using suitable detergent. Covers are best laid to air dry on a flat surface. Tumble drying is not recommended to prolong the life of the covers.

TIP: We highly recommend having a spare cover on hand when one is being washed and dried. You never know when accidents may happen.

When should I change from the Newborn Safety Harness Seat Cover to the Toddler Seat Cover?

As all children are different, it may be difficult to judge when the best time to change seat covers. 
Some indications of when to change to the Toddler+ cover include:

- Your Baby is approximately 6-8 months of age
- Your Baby is showing signs of extreme movement 
- Your Baby is showing signs of strength that it will begin to try and get out of the harness
- Your Baby can sit up
- Your Baby looks and may feel restricted by the safety harness

It is the parents responsibility to decide when your believe your Mini Beanz Cover should be interchanged based on your observations of your Child.

How do I wash the Mini Beanz Bag Base? 

Mini Beanz Bean Bags are made from satin and polyester and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or sponge. They then can be towel dried by simply wiping over the material with a clean dry towel. Do not use any abrasive or cream cleansers.

TIP: Whilst Mini Beanz Bean Bags are tough and durable we recommend children do not jump on the bean bag and a child of the maximum weight of approx 30kg should use the newborn bags. If your child is 30kg or over we recommend using a bean bag from our teen collection

Safety & Wellbeing

Is the Bean Bag safe?

Mini Beanz Bean Bags meet all requirements and safety standard as set by the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission  and by the Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety 
Standards) Regulations 1979 (amended in December 2004).

Can I put my baby to sleep on Mini Beanz bean Bags?

Mini Beanz strongly advises that no baby should ever be left unsupervised on any bean bag or be put to sleep/nap on the bean bag. A firm flat surface such as a cot or bassinet is best to put your Baby to sleep as recommended by Sids and Kids. If your baby falls asleep on the bean bag (which may just happen as they are extremely comfortable), you can ensure that your baby is close at all times as the bean bags is light weight and portable, using the carry handle.

How does the Newborn+ Collection Help Prevent Reflux?

Mini Beanz suggests to elevate your baby during and after feeding as this may assist in reducing reflux. Reflux is aggravated when lying flat as is makes is way back up into the from the gut. 

TIP: You can manipulate the beans in the bag towards the back of your baby to help elevate your baby into more of an upright position. 

How does the Newborn+ Collection Help Prevent Flathead?

Mini Beanz Bean Bags contain micro-beans which mould and shape around your baby’s head creating head support with no added pressure reducing the risk of your baby getting a flat head. Pressure caused by firmer surfaces such as the floor / play mat, cot etc can cause flattening on your babies soft and fragile skull. 

 Mini Beanz Safety Warnings and Recommendations:

- Never leave any child on the bean bag unattended. Always use adult supervision when a baby/child is placed on any bean bag. 
- Discard all packaging and paperclips provided once bean bag filling is complete.
- Ensure all safety zippers are fastened securely using the paper clip provided.
 The zipper tab on the bean bag has been purposely removed to prevent accidental opening of the bag by children.
- Small lightweight beans fill the bag and present a severe danger to children if swallowed or inhaled.
- Do not use/store the bean bag near an open fire or any form of heat.

- Do not use sharp objects/toys near the bean bag that could puncture the base/cover or inner bag.
- Do not use on any elevated or unstable surface. Always use the bean bag in a secure location on the 

- Do not use the carry handle whilst the bean bag is in use.
- Bean Bags are not a toy.
- Mini Beanz products are packaged immediately after manufacture. If any odor is present once opening your package, place product in a well-ventilated area for a short time to air. 
- Regularly check your bean bag for any signs of general wear and tear and if any damage appears do not use the bean bag.